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Do you want to add a Maker-Centered Program or an Innovation Mindset  Program or Social Innovation/Entrepreneurship opportunities for your community? 

Catalyst provides consultation services that engage your stake holders in design thinking exercises, learned through the Stanford dSchool K12 Lab program and High Tech High Graduate School of Euducation,  to provide a road map for the development of your program. 

There are many ways that schools use Maker Spaces and Maker-Centered Learning. Let us help you to decide what your priorities are and how you can get started with intention. 

We believe in using innovation to help others innovate. Not only do you benefit from the outcomes of the process, you can learn how to do the process for other challenges in your community. 

Rapid Prototyping

Maker Programming Bring Maker - Centered Learning into an existing program.


Maker/Innovation Space Create a space that fosters tinkering, exploration and Innovator Mindset

Creating Awareness

Project Based Learning Incorporate Project Based Learning ala High Tech High into your program.

Designing Solutions To Concussions

Human Centered Design Thinking Offer Stanford dschool and IDEO design capabilities to your students and educators.

LGBTQ Rights

Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Get your students creating real world solutions to real world problems and bringing them to life.

Student Centered

Innovating School Design Utilize Human Centered Design Thinking, Protocols, and Coaching to bring your team together in co-designing innovation for your organization.

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