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For A Future Undefined 

The Exploratory is a thought leader, accelerator, and  developer of education programs. Our mission is to design and build learning experiences that empower young people to find their passions and use them to bring prosperity and joy to their communities. 

Since 2008, The Exploratory has been working towards a vision of a world powered by empathetic, brave problem solvers who have the skillsets to recognize needs, collaborate globally, and adapt in a rapidly changing, unpredictable future.  

 The Exploratory seeks to reimagine the systems that perpetuate educational and economic disparities by engaging the stakeholders of communities to empower its youth through opportunities and challenges that pursue equity, and are culturally relevant, personalized, and passion driven.  

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Our Current Programs


Catalyst Innovation Institute

Young people use their interests to create real-world impact in their community

Integrating Stanford dSchool Design Thinking  

Exploratory I-Labs

Maker spaces with intention. Its more than equipment. 

Building innovator mindsets using tools like Harvard Project Zero Maker-Centered Learning Tools

Project Based Learning

Built upon PBL project development experience from High Tech High and Big Picture Learning real world connection principles

Student Work

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