Our volunteer program provides volunteers the opportunity to: 

-Make a life changing difference in a child's life.

-Make a difference in the landscape for education. 

Become a certified Tinker.Make.Innovate. ® Corps Member and help us bring STEAM and making education to your community! Educators in school and out of school time programs are in need of trained facilitators to help them engage children in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math via making. The most under-served communities of the greater Los Angeles area are severely lacking in opportunities for children to enter into STEAM professions and you have the opportunity to empower children to help themselves use education to help themselves succeed. 


We are in need of volunteers to teach classes here at the Exploratory maker-space in Culver City. The Exploratory classes will be based on certain categories such as: computer coding, electronics, textiles, paper, 3D modeling, etc. The classes we provide are always changing and we are hoping to include your individual talents and skills to create new classes and provide programming. We have three seasonal camps: Winter, Spring, and Summer as well as year round free programming for children from the surrounding title 1 schools and low income neighborhoods. We help those we need help with homework and the provide Tinker.Make.Innovate.® Lab classes (Google CS & Young Innovators) where they can play, explore, wonder, learn sewing, robotics, electronics, coding, 3D modeling, 3D printing, laser cutting, and even start a business. 

Certification and Training Program

TMI® Facilitator - a 1.5 hr Introduction to the TMI® program and Making. Overview of our program and our educational philosophy. This certification level prepares you to volunteer at one of our open makes or events. 

Specialist TMI® Facilitator - Once you have taken the Introduction Module, you can choose one or more of the Pathway Modules to become certified as a Specialist Maker Facilitator. Pathways are: E-textiles, Electronics, Robotics, Coding and Paper Circuits. Each specialist training is 3 hours long and takes place on Saturdays. As you gain specialist certification in each pathway, you will have the opportunity too not only work with children but also to train adult educators. We pay a stipend for some volunteer opportunities to cover food, gas and other expenses. 

Master TMI® Facilitator - For those who are have taken all 5 - 3 hour courses and can be deployed to any program that we offer. This certification can become a part-time paid opportunity as our programs grow. 

Teen Inventerns

Do you love making things and taking things apart? Do you enjoy working with younger kids and helping them bring their creative imaginations to life? Interested in gaining teaching and leadership experience? Like to play with coding, electronics, and robotics? Want to learn how to use a 3D printer or lasercutter? If you are you've answered "Yes" to any of these questions, we highly encourage you to apply to become a Maker Guilds Teen Inventern. You can gain volunteer hours during our Spring & Summer Camps, and on weekends during open make. 

Online STEAM Expertise & Mentorship

Educators in our programs need mentors to share their passion and expertise with their students K-12. We have developed an online community too match scientists, programmers, engineers, artists, architects and makers to students and educators who are seeking assistance in realizing their Sciience, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) Tinker. Make.Innovate.® projects. This is a great way to inspire children to enter into STEAM fields and to make a difference in how children discover and solve problems- al form your office or living room!

Library workshops

We are asked to provide programming at libraries all over the city. We need trained volunteers to help librarians run workshops for under served children to have the opportunity to play with coding, electronics, robotics, rapid prototyping, and other STEAM Projects.  

We have partnerships with various national organizations such as: Maker Ed, Maker Corps, and Americorps VISTA. These partnerships allow us too create and expand the vision of making every child a maker and giving them the tools too think creatively and innovatively. 

If you are interested in becoming a Maker Guilds Volunteer fill out the application and send it to Jessica Baggs, Outreach Coordinator at