The Exploratory, we believe that creative learning is innately born in every human being and that a sustainable future depends upon our children being confidently  armed  with the tools to harness imagination to create innovative solutions.   

Our MISSION is to design and produce education products, services, environments and curricula that provide children opportunities to sustain the love of discovery, celebrate the rigors of inquisitive, joyful learning and become students of innovation, prepared to solve future global challenges. 

Environments:  The Exploratory Maker Space in Culver City CA is a sample maker space that offers families the opportunity to make curated projects, build new skills, engage in engineering challenges and invent solutions to real world problems. The Maker Space offers educators a glimpse into what they can build at their school, informal learning space and libraries. 

Curricula: Our Tinker.Make.Innovate. process enables educators to incorporate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) subjects into inquiry-based experiences, build skills and knowledge and realize their creativity into real world products. 

Workshops & Classes: Our after school, camp and in-school classes are open-ended, question provoking, kinesthetic Making and Tinkering  experiences that provide children the opportunity to construct their own learning in a challenging, diverse and attainable process.

We empower children to use their natural curiosity, take risks, make mistakes, dive into exploration and soar into adventure. The Exploratory prepares children for an unknown future where innovation, communication, creation and flexible thinking skills  are said to be key to success.