Making has become a national conversation as educators, parents, and other youth-serving adults are recognizing the power of making to engage youth in deep, meaningful learning opportunities. With the White House hosting a mini maker faire this summer, schools all over the country are converting science, technology, and art rooms into environments that integrate these different disciplines and provide students innovative learning programs. Making is more than hands on learning. Its a process by which students construct their own knowledge through trial and error, learn from failures, develop a growth mindset and use materials and tools to as languages of expression. 

The Making phase of a Tinker.Make.Innovate. pathway, is where students gain the skills needed to bring their ideas alive. Each pathway includes subject learning, making skills development, innovator mindset practice all within an open-ended creative project where students can realize their imagination and creativity. 

The Exploratory has created STEAM Making learning goals that build upon each other to create pathways that not only engage in STEM/STEAM but develop skills that enable children of all ages to use electronics, technology, coding, rapid prototyping tools like 3D modeling, 3D printing, laser cutter, wood working tools, textiles, and more.