The future is changing faster than we have ever know and our children need to be prepared to solve problems that we don't know are problems yet using technology that we haven't even dreamt up yet.

The Innovate phase of TMI combines Science Technology Engineering Art Math (STEAM), Making and Design Thinking  to empower children and teens to affect change in their world. They pull together the skills they developed in the Make phase, the discovery and empathy generated in the Tinker phase and demonstrate their knowledge by inventing something that could change the world. 

TMI incorporates Design Thinking principles from Stanford d School to show young people that creativity and innovation can be elevated with hard work. That anyone and everyone can reach their goals if they have grit and perseverance. We have had teens invent ways to debunk myths about girls. Other teens invent ways to keep women safe, to feed dogs automatically, to make a series of products about spiders to solve slow wifi speeds. Our preschoolers have invented everything from mommy robot to climb up bookshelves to retrieve books to night lights with their own circuitry to help them sleep through the night. And just about every age in between has invented something to help humanity or their loved ones.