The Exploratory's after-school programs at schools engage children in STEAM using our  Tinker.Make.Innovative process. Our programs offer learners the opportunity to build their Innovative Thinking mindsets and skill sets by providing opportunities for constructing their own knowledge about a subject , make mistakes and learn from them. Mindset skills include frustration tolerance, embracing failure, grit, collaboration, communication and more. Rather than supply instructions, our facilitators support the learners own ideas by offering guiding questions that encourage the learner to push through frustration and challenge themselves to solve their own problems. Because of this focus, learners will  be working through several weeks to refine, revise and prototype their projects while developing material and tool literacy. 

These programs are for the students of the specific schools. If you are looking for programming at The Exploratory please go here. 

Partial List of Schools:

  • Westside Neighborhood School
  • Kenter Canyon Elementary 
  • The Brentwood School
  • Echo Horizon
  • Wildwood School
  • Broadway Elementary
  • Will Rogers Elementary
  • Sinai Akiba Academy
  • Pacific Palisades Jewish Early Childhood Center
  • Cassidy Preschool
  • Lutheran School Westchester
  • Westland

Download Flyer of 2014 Fall Offerings