Earlier this week in collaboration with The Digital Harbor Foundation The Exploratory held an Ultimate Family Maker Night at the Tinker.Make.Innovate. Lab. We provided two free fun maker activities for children of all ages: Paper Circuits and Nerdy Derby. Parents and children alike used wood, tape, and glue to create little derby cars to race on our 56 foot long nerdy derby 3-lane track. They also used recyclable materials to build unique designs which helped them learn engineering and art simultaneously. The families that came to the maker night made connections with each other and The Exploratory staff.

As I walked around the space I could hear lots of laughter and lots of questions which put a smile on my face because that is what we want The Exploratory to be all about. We want children and adults to ask questions, be creative, and even fail. Learning how to fail and try again is one of the best lessons children can learn and an effective way they learn this is watching how their parents deal with it. I saw both children and adult failing in their projects and getting back to the drawing board to tinker and experiment with it. Finally, I also saw the joy in a kid’s eyes as they were tinkering and eventually successful with working with electronics to make his LED light glow.

Overall, this was a very fun night and just by being the observer/photographer I learned so much about the importance of failure as well as success. After the success of such an event we are in talks to make this a monthly night for the next two months of summer (July and August) as sort of a pilot for this program to see how it goes and work out the kinks. We we let everyone know soon the dates and times of such events if they are to occur.