At The Exploratory, we believe that creative learning is innately born in every person and that a sustainable future depends upon our children being confidently armed with the tools to harness their imagination to create innovative solutions.

During last year’s summer camp, we asked the campers what problems they were dealing with in their day to day lives. Claire’s problem was that she had a hard time seeing and walking to the bathroom in the darkness at night. She could turn on the lights, but she also did not want to disturb her family members and potentially wake them up.

Her invention was the Moon Pillow – an ingenious pillow that lights up automatically at night without switches! By using conductive thread, she sewed LEDs with light-sensitive photo resistors to her pillow so that whenever it got dark, the pillow would glow just enough so that she would be able to see and walk to the bathroom. Bed Bath & Beyond is probably knocking on her door right now to try and sell these at their stores!

 The Moon Pillow in a dark room. 

The Moon Pillow in a dark room. 

This summer, The Exploratory is continuing their flagship Tinker.Make.Innovate. Summer Camp for 12 weeks for children ages 6-12 to unleash their imagination and become inventors and innovators. For more information about camps, check out our camps page at For further inquiries, please contact Max Nishimura, Director of Operations at