The Exploratory provides STEAM and Making to Boys & Girls Club

A couple of months ago, we reached out to the Mar Vista Gardens Boys & Girls Club about providing a class or a club for all their participants, and a beautiful partnership was born. After discussing their needs and resources we decided to provide free STEAM programming for ALL the children participating in their summer camp. The campers will be inventors and use electronics, coding and more as they design and make something to impact their community!!

The Boys & Girls Club Mar Vista Gardens Branch is available to children between the ages of 6-18 years old, as well as Mar Vista Gardens Residents during adult program hours. It is the first Boys & Girls Club to be in a low income community housing project, and because of its’ location it caters to the local area’s most underserved community. In fact, most of the families this club serves have been in the housing unit for generations. Their population is mainly Hispanic, 10% African American, and then lower percentages of Caucasian and Asian.

To further The Exploratory’s mission to bring STEAM and making opportunities to ALL children, we will be hosting 15 kids per week for 10 weeks starting with teens so that they can learn to be teen counselors. We will also be training staff and volunteers so that they can gain the skills needed to continue this type of programming all year round. After the 10 week session there will be a showcase at the end of the camp showcasing the kid’s inventions at the club’s gym for the the Mar VISTA community so that they young inventors can show off their work.