What is important to you?

For Hudson, there is nothing he loves more than animals. He especially loves dogs and cats, and he joyously takes care of his two pet dogs – a Chihuahua named Rosie and a Dachshund named Mango – in addition to a litter of 8 adorable kittens that were rescued from an alleyway a couple weeks ago.    

Near his home, there is an organization that brings together passionate individuals, city shelters and a coalition of animal welfare organizations to end the killing of homeless pets in L.A. city shelters called No-Kill Los Angeles (NKLA). Hudson wants to volunteer there like one of his close friends, but he is too young.  

While he was initially disheartened, this did not deter him. He decided to create a business where he would make custom laser-cut pet tags with customers’ drawings engraved and donate all the proceeds raised to NKLA!

This endeavor eventually turned into his Passions Project for school. He used Inkscape, a 2D vector program to design the shape of the tags and used a programmable cutter called a Cricut to cut out the design on cardstock. After he made some adjustments, he moved onto the laser cutter, making his dog tags out of plywood.  He even wrote a letter to NKLA to get their permission to use their name and logos to make samples so that he could do his presentation at school to get orders.  

At The Exploratory, we empower children to be agents of their own future. We facilitate our summer camps so that each camper will have an opportunity to design and create toys, games, and other inventions that will impact the world.

How will your child change the world?