The Exploratory Makes Brentwood STEAM Day

Last weekend, the Exploratory participated in Brentwood’s biggest STEAM event of the year, Brentwood STEAM Day. It was a beautiful day in Los Angeles for an outside event, as we arrived early in the morning to set up the nerdy derby and the battling balloon bots. The staff and volunteers worked on building the perfect activities for the children to build and test their cars on the nerdy derby and providing plenty of recycled materials for the Balloon Bots.

About an hour later it was time for the making to begin. From the very beginning, the nerdy derby was a hit with the kids. They loved assembling the car, testing it over and over, making adjustments, and climbing up the ladder for the final test. The look on their faces when their cars went all they way down the track was one of pride and accomplishment. They also had the support of their parents who were there so it was an added delight because the kids were able to make something that looked cool and worked and they were able to share that experience with their parents.

After a long day of creating and exploring the different possibilities of nerdy derby and balloon bots, it was time to pack up and head back to The Exploratory. This event had everything, art projects, robotics, making, 3D printing, information about STEAM learning , and really good cookies provided by Which Wich Catering.