Librarians Figure Out How To See What They Hear

Today we held another Sound Studio session this time the topic was on visualizing vibrations. There were three different stations that the librarians could participate in: Tinker with sound and vibration, design your own musical instrument, and play with sound and music. The goal of this session was to take what the librarians know about sound and music and challenge them to come up with a way to visualize what sound looks like so that they can teach children about it at their libraries.

Some of the teachers used different materials like beads, sand, oil, or water on top of a speaker and played different Hertz levels of sound (higher or lower) to see how the vibrations changed. After figuring out the different frequencies of sound and what the vibrations look like, the teachers played different music videos to see all the different frequencies and pitches all together.

After a couple hours of tinkering, our staff lead the librarians through a plussing discussion about the different stations and what they learned from the activities presented to them. Then we held a Q&A session so that the librarians could feel confident to hold these activities for children at their prospective librarians. Overall, our Sound Studio series was a success and gave many librarians the skills and knowledge to teach many children in the Los Angeles area.