The Exploratory’s Tinkering Toolkit Available Online

Last year, The Exploratory was funded by Pearson Foundation to make a tinkering and making toolkit for middle and high school educators. It was not available since Pearson Foundation closed their business, but now it has been transferred to the Learning Is Open website. You can access the tool kit at their website at: .

You will find information on what is tinkering and making, how does it apply to the classroom, the process of Tinker.Make.Innovate., the standards of tinkering and making, and even project examples.- The toolkit gives you all the tools you need to plan your own tinkering experience, and train other educators by hosting an educators workshop-

The Tinker.Make.Innovate. process was developed by The Exploratory to provide teachers with concrete and open-ended applications of making and tinkering so that students can build the skills they need to identify problems and propose and devise innovative solutions. It is flexible enough to integrate it with classroom subjects, but can also be used as a stand-alone curriculum for developing hard and soft problem solving skills.

Click this link  to check out the projects that you can do with your middle and high school students. Please share any stories or pictures on our Facebook or Twitter.