Yesterday we held another Sound Studio session here at The Exploratory for LAPL Librarians Our  Arduino professional, Debra Ansell, led the librarians through the process of programming Arduinos to make theramins. A theremin is an electronic musical instrument in which the tone is generated by two high-frequency oscillators and the pitch is controlled by the movement of the performer's hand toward and away from the circuit. Not only do you have to program it to make noise, you have to program it to change tones depending on the movement of your hand closer or farther away.

It took 3 hours, but we finally heard the sound of one theramin, then two, then eventually all of them. Then it was time to play with the instruments that the librarians themselves created. That was the best part seeing the smiles on everyone’s face as they realized they could make something that cool while learning about the concepts of Arduino.

After exploring the amazing capabilities of Arduino, Debra our expert showed the librarians other projects that can be made using- Arduino. One of the bots works as a clock. Every minute it erases the previous time and then uses a marker to write the current time. This bot uses electronics, 3D printed parts, and Arduino. The next bot was more of a claw-like bot that came with a remote control. It had the capability to move up and down and side to side as well the ability to pick up small items, You could even add a magnet for heavier metal items. Finally, there was a pendent with an even smaller screen on it with moving abstract colorful squares powered by Arduino.

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