Librarians Make Music at The Exploratory

Last week 25 librarians came to The Exploratory to learn about the science of music and sound which included making instruments out of recycled materials. Its a big part of the Maker Guilds mission to train adults to facilitate STEAM making workshops. This allows us to maximize the # of children that we are able to reach.In order to spread this Tinker.Make.Innovate message we hold professional development sessions here at the maker space. This session was a new concept we created, called Sound Studio where we incorporate making techniques, design thinking, and the science of musical instruments and sound together to create an enriching curriculum that librarians can use at their libraries to teach classes and/or workshops.

A lot of people would have come at this project from a more scientific angle, but we wanted to teach them that design thinking and the process the children would go through with this workshop is more important than explaining every scientific detail that has to do with music. We want to give children something that they are not getting in school...the ability to fail, work through the kinks, and find solutions for those problems.

Librarians made all kinds of instruments from kazoo type instruments powered by air, to guitar with different chords depending on tightness of the “strings” to typical noise maker types filled with beans or bells. We also introduced them to the musical magic of the Makey Makey and taught them about the possibilities of adding circuitry to make music. After everyone was done I thought they were all going to start a band with their amazing creations.