Professional Development Makes it Way to Chandler School

The Maker Guilds Exploratory staff headed to Chandler school last Monday to hold a professional development workshop for 25 teachers at Chandler School in Pasadena. The goal of the workshop was to introduce educators K-8  to the Tinker. Make. Innovate curriculum. Jean our Executive Director lead the workshop with a presentation about The Exploratory, Maker Guilds, and the importance of the T.M.I. challenge.

After the introduction, it was time to bring design thinking to the forefront and start thinking of solutions for tomorrow’s problems. The first step was for them to go through our tinker.make.innovate mini-design project -that is designed to illustrate the process of brainstorming, research, empathy development, ideation, revision, communication and prototype development.

They are limited to just cardstock, paper and scissors to allow for the focus to be on the development of the idea and the process rather than adding a shiny new tool as a distraction. One teacher created a specialized trunk at the end of your bed that would wake you up with an alarm, have your clothes pressed and warm for you in the morning, and you could store it under your bed during the day time.

All the teachers had fun and learned how to facilitate designed thinking and Tinker.Make.Innovate. After the teachers finished their prototypes some teachers shared their creations with everyone. Sharing at the end of an activity is an important part of the Tinker.Make.Innovate process.

Finally it was time to have fun with making. The Exploratory staff showed the teachers a couple examples of incorporating different aspects of STEAM into one activity such as E-textiles, Paper Circuits, Little Bits, Cardboard Prototyping and Makey Makey. We use these activities to show the educators how easy it is to incorporate STEAM concepts via making into their lesson plans.