National STEM Video Game Workshop Makes its’ Way to the Exploratory

Yesterday the people from the National STEM Video Game Challenge came to the Exploratory to provide a workshop to our kids who belong to the Google CS First club along with other children interested in video game design. Over 20 kids filed in to the maker-space and you could hear the space getting noisier and more full of life.

As the kids made their way to empty seats and filled out their name tags they noticed sheets of colored paper with words on them (Goals, Space, Components, Rules ) and you could see their curiosity peek. The facilitators asked them what their favorites games were and then went on to the more burning questions of how games are made. Then the kids realized what the words written on the pages meant to the lesson.

After discussing what goes into game design they had the kids exercise what they learned through an activity where they were given a mystery bag filled with random items and they had to get in groups of four to create a unique game that could be tested by the other groups before revising and presenting the final game to the whole group. The kids made different types of games from board games to more sporty and interactive games.

After all the games were tested and revised and retested again, it was time to turn on the computers. The kids designed on a program called Game Star Mechanic for a little while with the help of the facilitators and volunteers.  Finally, they reflected on what they had learned and received all the important information on the STEM Video Game Challenge. To get more information on the challenge go to