Paper Circuits Brings Educators Together

Earlier this month we had our first Making For Educators event her at The Exploratory. I have always considered teachers, lifelong learners and it is our goal to also make them... lifelong makers.The goal of this event is to bring educators together to talk about making, share resources, and to learn a new making skill in the process.

This month we taught the educators all about paper circuits. We started by making simple circuits and then we worked on incorporating  the circuits into paper crafts such as cards and pop-up art.The basic circuit is very simple, and yet allows for a wide range of explorations and aesthetic expression. Copper tape and surface-mount LEDs allowed the educators to make fully functional circuits on a piece of paper. They made paper circuits crafts like light-up greeting cards, origami animals, and three-dimensional pop-up paper sculptures that have working lights in them.

After the making activity we gave the educators a full tour of the child maker-space as well as the adult maker space we have next door. We explained to them our mission and what we want to do for the underserved children in our community. In order to reach more children we must reach their teachers. If we make one teacher an ambassador in the maker movement we can change the lives of an average of 20 children. Just think what all we can do by educating educators in the maker movement and what it can do for a child’s life. This event will continue to take place every first Thursday of every month.