A Scribble Bots workshop at Lincoln Heights Branch Library.

We want our generation of kids to be the innovative thinkers and problem-solvers of tomorrow. But this cannot happen if all they are exposed to is textbook curricula and standardized tests. Learning has to take place in context, and that’s where Making comes in.

We all learn better when learning is part of doing something we find really interesting. Whether it’s to create a robot that follows light or needle felting a plushie that will make someone smile, Making allows each child the opportunity to create something that is uniquely their own and gives them the pride and motivation to learn what they need to learn in order to complete their project. 

The library workshops that are facilitated by Maker Guilds allows children to tinker and explore their interests. Kids, with the majority coming from underserved communities, come in wanting to make a robot and they leave with greater understanding of circuitry, electronics, and engineering that they themselves constructed. Making and tinkering is a powerful and effective way to learn.  

To engage youth in more hands-on learning, The Exploratory and Maker Guilds have partnered with Los Angeles Summer of Learning, a city-wide initiative by Mayor Garcetti that provides youth the ability to explore, play, learn and earn badges along the way. 

This summer, Maker Guilds is providing 32 workshops in robotics, paper engineering, and electronic textiles to 8 libraries in underserved communities all over Los Angeles. At these workshops, kids earn digital badges that act like a digital portfolio, allowing them to show what they have been doing over the summer to potential employers and college admission counselors.

Maker Guilds will continue these exciting workshops in August at the Cahuenga Branch, Wilmington Branch, Benjamin Franklin Branch, and Durant Branch libraries. You can find out more information about the workshops by contacting the libraries directly.