The Exploratory and Maker Guilds is really excited to be working with Mayor Eric Garcetti, Beyond the Bell, and LAUSD to transform Los Angeles into an exciting campus this summer and beyond. The 2014 Los Angeles Summer of Learning initiative challenges all Angeleno youth, kids as young as three and as mature as 24, to remain enthusiastic and focused on learning, even outside of the classroom by earning digital badges.

Digital badges are not a thing of the future, they are the present. Universities and the professional world are now interested in viewing an applicant’s “digital portfolio.” Badges are the proof that our youth participated in certain programs and mastered certain skills.  The Exploratory has 32 workshops that will be held for free at libraries all over the city where children can earn digital badges ( we also have an additional 20 workshops  that are not a part of the digital badging program but are also free at libraries - check our website for more info ). We have also received a gift from Creative Artist Agency to provide a whole week of camp for free for 20 middle school girls from underserved areas of LA. These girls will get to play with 3D printers, laser cutters, wood working and more as they learn how to invent something that can impact the world and earn the ultimate digital badge. 

Visit the LA Summer of Learning website  -