Join The Exploratory and Project Junktopia for a Transpiration e-Creation Workshop. In this workshop let your imagination run as we ask the question "how can you take apart and reuse electronic waste to create your own little mode of transportation?"   Will you create a little character to go in your creation?,  "where is your character going... back in time, down our Nerdy Derby, in the air?". The possibilities are endless! This workshop will be ran by creator of Project Junktopia, Janet Schriever. Schriever recently took Project Junktopia to Maker Faire and has inspired children of all ages to imagine, update, and modify while being good to the planet!  

Check out Project Junktopia -

Maker Faire video:

Date: Aug 3, 2014 Sunday from 2-4pm

$10/child - please also bring a piece of non-working electronics to take-a-part.