I came across this picture this morning and couldn't believe that it was taken such 4 weeks ago as we were prepping for summer camp. The Exploratory team consists of Electrical Engineer, Bio-Chemical Engineer, 25+ year experienced Master Woodworker, 10+ year preschool teacher who specializes in Reggio Emilia approach, a recent grad from the Harvard Arts in Education Masters program, a recent history major graduate from San Francisco State, a young preschool teacher, 2 Americorps Maker Vista Corps members who have sociology degrees and support counselors. 

Each brings their personality, interests, creativity and expertise to the development of The Exploratory camps and curriculum. We spend hours discussing each child's projects and how to best support them to realize their vision. We are always learning as we believe that the best way to teach is to stand along side the student and model how a life long learner embraces the  challenges that are inherent in Science Technology Engineering Art and Math. 

I will be posting more pics of prep and camp pictures soon.