CAA: Invent Something to Change the World campers, Joely and Logan showing their Makey Makey and Scratch  creation to peers. 

On May 27th, during the White House Science Fair, President Obama announced that during 2014 there will be a  "special focus on all the inspiring girls and young women who are excelling in STEM." In support of the President's announcement and thanks to funding from the Creative Artists Agency (CAA), The Exploratory's Maker Guilds is holding an Invent Something to Change the World Camp strictly for girls for free! This camp is an opportunity for 25 middle school girls from Title 1 schools to learn different science, technology, engineering, art, math and Making tools to create a product that could impact a change in the world.  

The campers began the week by generating a list of myths and stereotypes about girls. The girls came up with a whiteboard full of false girl facts from "girls are overly emotional" to "girls aren't good at sports" . They then began brainstorming ways they could create or make a PSA, interactive game, or viral video to defy their selected stereotype and inspires their selected audience to take action against it. 

On Tuesday, we took a field trip to Youtube Space LA, 1 of the 4 and the largest Youtube Spaces in the world. The girls got to tour the 41,000 sq. ft. space and learned about the best practices for making viral and interactive videos as they plan and design their myth busting messages.