Meet Lucy. She turned 4 at the end of May. She came to The Exploratory Mini-Makers Invention last week and we asked all the campers what problems they had that they wanted to invent a solution for. Lucy said that she doesn't like the dark when she is sleeping but because she sleeps in the same room with her brothers, she can't keep the room light on. 

So, she designed a night light with beads on wires, a hook and a circuit with a battery case, LED light and a switch. 

And now according to Mom - Tricia - She's Sleeping Through The Night!!!! 

At The Exploratory, we truly believe that children - even the youngest, have problems and have the ability to solve their problems and when you are 4 and you can identify your problem, design and make it - it empowers you and is an authentic solution to your problem. Its the child's solution and not mom& dad's. How cool is that!?!?!? 

We've had other stories like this - kids making night lights that they can carry to the bathroom so that they can go to the bathroom without waking up their siblings or parents. Older kids using electronics to keep their belongings out of reach of their siblings and so much more. 

Look for more stories to come. 

Thank you Lucy and Tricia for sharing your story and pictures with us!!