How do we start our children on a path to lifelong learning starting in kindergarten when the expectations are so high at such a young age? The Exploratory Preschool Tinkering program prepares children for success in fine motor skills, creative thinking, collaboration, communication and more to build strong foundations that develop true confidence. We take things apart, build things with woodworking tools, make stop motion animations, even make things to print on the 3D printer. We practice letters by making them out of fabric, needle-felting, sewing and other prototyping materials. We learn how to add electronics to our inventions. 

We introduce Science Technology Engineering Art and Math at a young age to develop the neuron connections that will make these subjects familiar tools. Young children who build, measure, problem solve, think critically and practice embracing failure are more likely to be curious, confident and ready to create a sustainable world of their design. 

This is a year long project starting on Sept 19 running till June 2015. We are closed on holidays.

Friday AM Classes : 9:30 -12:00